Brian Ward

Business Administration, 2001

Brian Ward (middle) and his two best friends from Chico State, Andy Cheskaty and Carl “Klutch” Stanaway.

Brian Ward (middle) and his two best friends from Chico State, Andy Cheskaty and Carl “Klutch” Stanaway.

Where was your favorite place to hang out on campus?
During the 1998 school year, Napster hit its peak in terms of number of users. During this time period I used to hang out frequently at the Tehama computer lab and download mp3’s onto my zip drive.

What extracurricular activities were you involved in through Chico State? How did these activities shape your Chico experience?
I had an awesome experience with Adventure Outings. During my final week at Chico State in 2001 I took a weeklong hike up the Lost Coast with Adventure Outings. Our trip leader was my Chico State friend Andy Cheskaty. During our hike Andy would mysteriously disappear and a few minutes later “Ultra Marathon Man” would appear dressed in spandex shorts and Mickey Mouse sweat guards looking for Andy.

When a few of the hikers commented on Ultra Marathon Man’s resemblance to Andy, he’d launch into a spiel about how insulted he was to be compared to a person who was obviously less attractive than him and express his annoyance for having to answer such a silly question.  Ultra Marathon Man would then bid us farewell saying he had to get back to running the entire Pacific Coast and wish us luck with our hike. A few minutes later Andy would reappear in his normal hiking gear to continue hiking with us. Andy pulled this stunt at least five times during our weeklong trip, and all the campers and I loved it more each time it happened.

How did those extracurricular experiences help enhance your education?
These extracurricular activities gave me one of my best friends in this life and gave me courage to travel to Valencia, Spain, and get a job at a metals wholesaler plant.

What was your favorite class?
My favorite class was Latin American Studies with Mr. Stewart.

Was there a particular professor or staff person who had an impact on your life? What made this person special?
Mr. Stewart was my favorite teacher. I liked his style of giving the students a test every day in class. Before each test we were able to ask questions about the previous night’s reading and he’d answer all of our questions. This made the reading a lot less daunting and made the students more active in completing the assignments and learning the material.

What was your favorite place to eat while you attended Chico State?
Chico has many awesome places to eat. I enjoyed eating at Whitney Hall. I would frequently smuggle out egg salad sandwiches in my pants’ pockets. The security guard ran after me a few times on my way out of Whitney but would usually give up running after me when I got as far as Warner Street.

What songs bring back memories of Chico?
“Ice Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice

What did you wear when you dressed to impress?
I purchased a powder blue suit coat from Thrifty’s Bargains and would wear this outfit on the weekends when I was invited to theme parties.

What were the popular dances during your time as a college student?
My friend Andy and I used to dance with orange safety cones on our heads.

What do you miss most about Chico State and Chico?
I miss playing night golf with my buddy Andy.

Tell us about anything else that made your Chico experience special.
While I was living in Mechoopda dorms, many of my friends and I from the dorms would go to the Chico Heat games. It was awesome to have a semi-pro baseball team literally playing in my backyard.