Jerry Cavaness

Biological Sciences, 1971; Physical Education, 1978; Credentials, 1972 and 1985

Delena and Jerry Cavaness

Delena and Jerry Cavaness

Where was your favorite place to hang out on campus?
In the late 1960s (‘65-‘69), the CAC was a favorite place to hang out. It was the cafeteria then, and students would cram together and socialize. The noise in there was quite loud. When the weather was good, everyone collected on the front lawn. Also in those days, there were frequent student speeches in the free speech area.

What extracurricular activities were you involved in through Chico State? How did these activities shape your Chico experience?
I came to Chico State to wrestle for Dr. Peterson. He was an amazing person. The Intramural program was also very popular, and there were a number of rivalries between student groups and the dominant Titans. I, as with many others, volunteered to tutor students through the CAVE program, a very rewarding experience. All of these activities provided great experiences, preparing me for a profession in teaching and coaching.

How did those extracurricular experiences help enhance your education?
Wrestling was the activity that kept me in high school and college. It was the reason I kept my grades up. It has been an amazing life with all the great people I have met and worked with through wrestling and teaching.

What was your favorite class?
I was a biology major and spent most of my time in the “Science Dept.” as it was known at that time. My favorite classes were with Dr. Cliff, Dr. King, and Dr. Thomas.

Was there a particular professor or staff person who had an impact on your life? What made this person special?
In the “teaching” area, Dr. Joe Smith and Dr. Morris were special. They gave you the “real” perspective to the teaching profession. Dr. Douglas also had a great outlook on teaching. Their compassionate look at teaching was very motivating.

What was your favorite place to eat while you attended Chico State?
We mostly hung out at parties and not a lot of eating establishments. The Oasis was always a place to go with friends.

What songs bring back memories of Chico?
All of the songs from the ’60s. This was a special time for music and social change. The artists and songs are too many to mention: a lot of Beatles, Stones, Motown, etc.

What did you wear when you dressed to impress?
It seems in those days you either wore shorts or Levi’s and a shirt. For higher-level get-togethers, nicer pants (khakis) and a dress shirt, and a sweater vest was in order.

What were the popular dances during your time as a college student?
I don’t think there were named dances like the early ’60s. We just did our own thing in the same proximity as your partner.

What do you miss most about Chico State and Chico?
I miss the Quad Projects, the football games, the wrestling matches, the boxing matches, the constant influx of new ideas and fresh looks at world views, and meeting new people.

Tell us about anything else that made your Chico experience special.
Chico has been a great place to come to school, marry, raise your family and have a fulfilling profession. All my children received great educations and are good citizens. Chico has been a very special addition to my life, a very rich addition.