Advising Information for Undeclared Students

Academic Advising Program Offerings

  • Undeclared major advising
  • Major and minor exploration
  • General education course planning
  • Understanding graduation requirements
  • GPA advising (including Academic Probation)
  • Navigating policies, requirements, and opportunities

Undeclared Major Advising

Advising staff provides assistance to undergraduate students who are in the process of exploring majors. If you are an undeclared student, we recommend that you meet with an advisor at least once each semester to plan your academic program and to explore how your interests can lead to a major or career.

Customize your Education

  1. Discover ways in which you can create an educational experience that is uniquely yours by integrating a major with a minor, certificate program, and select electives. 
  2. Explore a selection of general education courses that can introduce you to various majors and minors that might be of interest to you.
  3. Choose an occupation and focus on an area of study that prepares for that career path.

Additional Resources