Benefits of Declaring a Major

As a declared major you will:

  1. Get priority for enrolling in the courses required for your major, in some cases.
  1. Build advising relationships with faculty who can help you...
    • Plan your class schedule
    • Benefit the most from your major, including double-counting courses from the major that fulfill other graduation and general education requirements.
    • Progress through the degree program as quickly as possible, if that is important to you.
    • Improve your chances for internships, job opportunities, or graduate school.
  1. Receive information about new courses offered, changes in schedules, special speakers, and internships and job opportunities related to your major, such as faculty research, tutoring, grant-funded projects, and summer work.
  1. Have opportunities to participate in student organizations and clubs which include opportunities for leadership, volunteerism, professional development, and networking with others who have similar career plans.
  1. Establish your right to follow the major requirements in effect in the current University Catalog.
  1. Become eligible for scholarships that are for declared majors only.
  1. Network with other students from the major, including alumni.

Still Undecided?

Come in and meet with an academic advisor.

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