Course Selection Strategies for Undeclared Students

Explore through General Education

  • Take the four Area A courses in your GE Foundations.
  • Explore a variety of courses by picking one from each of the five lower division disciplinary areas:
    • Arts
    • Humanities
    • Individual & Society
    • Societal Institutions
    • Learning for Life
  • Consider completing a pathway minor. It's only 18 units, and it could help you find your passion for a major.

Meet Graduation Requirements

Select courses that every student must complete in order to meet specific graduation requirements:

  1. U.S. History, Constitution, and American Ideals
    • HIST 130 United States History
    • POLS 155 American Government: National, State, and Local
  2. Diversity
    • At least one course must be in US Diversity and at least one in Global Cultures
    • Look for courses that double count for the diversity requirements and general education requirements

Try Skill and Special Interest Courses

Consider taking some elective units by enrolling in courses such as:

Keep Doors Open

Be open to new experiences and ideas and sample a variety of courses. Try signing up for an introductory course in a subject that sounds interesting to you. Remember, you can always drop the course during the first two weeks of the semester if you don't like it, so there's no risk in trying. Many students find their major or minor using this strategy.

Additional Resources