Undeclared Advising & Major Exploration

Advising Information for Undeclared Students

Many students begin their college careers undecided as to what area of study they want to pursue. It is not uncommon for students to change their major more than once or spend time exploring majors. We advise undeclared majors and assist all students in exploring their interests and academic options.

Benefits of Declaring a Major

Declaring a major is an essential step to earning your degree. Once declared you have faculty to assist you in planning for classes, opportunities to double count courses, and gain access to a variety of internships, job opportunities, or graduate school!

Want to Explore a Major?

Each college offers a variety of diverse and exciting majors. Specific classes offer a glimpse of what the major has to offer. Here you can find the introductory courses for many majors.

Course Selection Strategies

Any or all of the following strategies provided can help you in course selection. Explore areas of interest while fulfilling University requirements.

Undergraduate Majors & Minors

A major is defined as a program of related courses, and all university-level prerequisites to those courses, which focus on a field of study. A minor is an approved group of related courses, only 18 - 30 units in length. We offer many different programs and Academic Advising Programs can help you explore all of your options.