"Good advising may be the single most underestimated characteristic of a successful college experience." – R.J.Light

Advising Info for Faculty & Staff

One-on-One or Departmental Advising Training

Is there an aspect of advising in which you'd like individualized training or consultation? Trainings and workshops are available through the Academic Advising Office. If interested, contact Dami Hammer, Academic Advising Faculty Coordinator, 898-3569.

Student Services Resources

Are you unsure what each department does or where to refer a student?  Check out the Student Services “Cliff Notes” and  Faculty & Student Resources.  This includes very useful faculty information from Academic Advising (AAP), Graduation Advising, Student Learning Center, Counseling and Wellness, and much more.  Whether it’s information for you as faculty advisors, or to further assist your students with valuable campus resources, this sheet has it all!

Classroom Presentations

Do you feel that your students could benefit from learning more about the "General Education Requirements," "How to Read the DPR," or "How to Explore Majors?" Our professional advising staff is available for classroom presentations. We are pleased to offer workshop sessions that meet your scheduling needs. View a full list of our Advising Workshops for more examples of the information we can share with your students. If interested, contact Dami Hammer, Academic Advising Faculty Coordinator, 898-3569.

Academic Status Committee Petition Review

Professional Academic Advising Staff Available by College

As a faculty advisor you may have questions regarding general advising or how coursework within your college may double count. Feel free to contact the liaison for your college.

Kaitlyn Baumgartner Lee
Anna Flores
College of Behavioral and Social Sciences
Javier Garcia
College of Agriculture, College of Humanities and Fine Arts

Jasmany Garcia

College of Business
Shannon Hall
Dami Hammer
Academic Advising Faculty Coordinator
Amanda Haydon
College of Natural Science

Kelly McGregor

Pablo Soto
College of Communication & Education
Jason Stapleton
College of Engineering, Computer Science & Construction Management

Advising Skill Development Articles

Outstanding Academic Advisor

Each year the Faculty Recognition and Support Committee at CSU, Chico selects an Outstanding Academic Advisor based on peer faculty nominations. Please note: Outstanding Academic Advisor was not included in the 2015-2016 Academic Year awards.

Campus Advising Resources

Additional Resources