Student Success Maps

Student Success Maps are designed to help students navigate options for study and extracurricular involvement available on campus, and indicate possible careers related to majors.

Agricultural Business B.S.

Agriculture B.S.

Animal Science B.S.

Applied Computer Graphics B.S.

Art Education B.A.

Art History B.A.

Art Interior Design B.F.A.

Art Studio B.A.

Art Studio B.F.A.

Asian Studies B.A.

Biological Sciences (Ecological, Evolutionary, and Organismal) B.S.

Business Administration B.S.

Business Information Systems B.S.

Child Development B.A.

Communication Design (Media Arts) B.A.

Computer Engineering B.S.

Economics B.A.

English B.A.

Environmental Science B.S.

Exercise Physiology B.S.

French B.A.

Geography (Human Geography and Planning) B.A.

Geography (Physical and Environmental) B.A.

German B.A.

Health Science B.S.

History (General) B.A.

History (Social Science Credential) B.A.

Humanities B.A.

Kinesiology (Movement Studies) B.A.

Kinesiology (Physical Education Teacher Education) B.A.

Latin American Studies B.A.

Liberal Studies (Non-credential) B.A.

Liberal Studies (Pre-credential) B.A.

Mathematics B.S.

Mechanical Engineering B.S.

Multicultural and Gender Studies (General) B.A.

Multicultural and Gender Studies (Women's Studies) B.A.

Musical Theatre B.A.

Natural Sciences B.A.

Nursing B.S.

Nutrition and Food Sciences B.S.

Philosophy B.A.

Physics B.S.

Political Science (General) B.A.

Political Science (Legal Studies) B.A.

Psychology B.A.

Public Administration B.A.

Recreation Administration B.S.

Religious Studies B.A.

Social Science B.A.

Social Work B.S.W.

Sociology B.A.

Spanish B.A.

More coming soon!!