Cohort One 2009-2010


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The first Academy e-Learning cohort met in June 2009. Because there was little time to prepare for the experiment they were about to assume, the teams had yet to grasp the notion of the "community of transformers" they were about to become, nor did they have a clue about the National Center for Academic Transformation (NCAT) which was introduced. Therefore, the start was a bit bumpy. But it didn't stay that way!

Cohort One was comprised of six teams across six colleges from seven departments. By the end of week three they were a dedicated learning community and became a "big team". 

To kick off the Academy e-Learning, Dr. Jim Julius from San Diego State was invited to deliver a keynote speech. He talked about developing curriculum that engaged all students. 

Comments from the Cohort identified the need for more preparation up front, such as an early meeting for each team with their chair and dean to communicate expectations and set forth clear goals and objectives. 

Course Title  Faculty Members
PSYC 101: Principles of Psychology

Mike Ennis
Martin Van Der Berg

Behavioral and Social Sciences
ACCT 202: Introduction to Managerial Accounting

Ru-Fang Chiang
Nancy Jones

EDTE 302: Access and Equity in Education

Paula Selvester
Charles Zartman

Communication and Education
APCG 110: Computer-Assisted Art

Frank Pereira
John Pozzi

Engineering, Computer Science and Construction Management
ENGL 130: Academic Writing

Kim Jaxon'

Steve Metzger

Humanities and Fine Arts

NSCI 101: Introduction to Earth's Environment

NSCI 102: Introduction to Living Systems

Cristina Archer
Colleen Hatfield
Lynda Klein
Lisa Ott

Physical Sciences

Cohort One Team Interviews

Fall 2009

Cohort One team members were asked to describe their experiences for the benefit of faculty applying to be in the 2010-2011 Academy. At the time of these interviews, each team had not yet launched its fully redesigned course, scheduled for the spring 2010 semester. These team members agreed to mentor those who follow and help them along their way.