Cohort Two 2010-2011


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Cohort Two comprises six teams from two colleges. Based on the results of a Technology-Preparedness Survey, team members were given the opportunity in April and May to brush up their online course-building skills prior to attending the intensive Summer Workshop to ensure that they were able to focus on implementing new technologies and pedagogical methods at that time.

The Cohort met in the Technology and Learning Program Faculty Lab three weeks in June, 2010 for collaboration, discussion, workshops, and open lab time. 

Course Redesign Teams

Course Title Faculty Members College
CMST 132: Small Group Communication

Zach Justus
Vivi McEuen
Ruth Guzley

Communication and Education
KINE 110: Physical Fitness: A Way of Life

Scott Roberts
Josh Trout
Rebecca Lytle

Communication and Education
THEA 110: Introduction to the Theatre

Katie Whitlock 
Mike Mazur

Humanities and Fine Arts
RELS 180: Introduction to Religion

Jason Clower
Kate McCarthy

Humanities and Fine Arts
PHIL 102: Logic and Critical Thinking

Ed Pluth
Wai-Hung Wong

Humanities and Fine Arts
PHIL 329: Environmental Ethics

Tom Imhoff
Tony Graybosch

Humanities and Fine Arts

Innovating and Collaborating

The Academy teams spent three weeks meeting together in the TLP offices in June, but they also made use of a virtual meeting and collaboration space called Wiggio ( The Academy e-Learning Wiggio allowed each team to create, edit and save online documents for their new curricula, to send messages to their team or the Cohort, and to post links and other resources of interest to the group. Weekly report-out videos were created by each team, and were posted to the Wiggio also so teams could learn from the ideas shared by the other groups. Excerpts from these report-out videos are forthcoming to this web page.

Cohort Two Meets in June, 2010