Cohort Three 2011-2012


The complete daily agendas, materials and workshop descriptions for the Cohort's Three's three-week workshop is available below divided out by week. Where possible, internet materials are linked and many materials produced at CSU, Chico have been released for others to remix and share under a Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike license

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For this third year, the Academy e-Learning has expanded to accommodate 33 faculty, comprising 14 course teams.

Course Redesign Teams

Course Title Faculty Members College
ABUS 390: World Food and Hunger
Jake Brimlow
Baohui Song
PSSC 390: Food Forever

Betsy Boyd
Cindy Daley
Mollie Aschenbrener


ECON 103: Principles of Micro Analysis

ECON 102: Principles of Macro Analysis

Cathleen Coolidge
Ruben Sargsyan
Behavioral and Social Sciences
GEOG 101: Physical Geography
GEOG 102: Human Geography
GEOG 103: Our Digital Planet: Geospatial Technologies
Dean Fairbanks
LaDona Knigge
Daniel Scollon
Behavioral and Social Sciences
PSYC 151: Socio-Cultural Context of Psychological Development Sandra Machida
Brian Oppy
Jane Rysberg
Behavior and Social Sciences
SWRK 610: Social Work Practice Seema Sehrawat
Sue Steiner
Behavior and Social Sciences
CMSD 256: American Sign Language I Suzanne Bonneau Miller
Adele Harth
Cassandra Ragsdale
Behavior and Social Sciences
JOUR 130: Writing for Public Audiences Susan Wiesinger
Debra Johnson
Communication and Education
EDTE 676A: Interdisciplinary Instruction in Bilingual or General Education Norma Rueda
Maria Sudduth
Charles Zartman
Communication and Education
ARTS 122: 2D Design Teresa Cotner
Kijeong Jeon
Humanities and Fine Arts
ENGL 220: Beginning Creative Writing Jeanne Clark
Rob Davidson
Paul Eggers
Humanities and Fine Arts
RELS 332: World Religions and Global Issues Sarah Pike
Daniel Veidlinger
Tom Parker
Humanities and Fine Arts
THEA / MUSC 190: Introduction to the World of Music Daniel Schindler
Hope Munro Smith
Humanities and Fine Arts