Faculty and Staff

Clarke Steinback, Ph.D.

Caricature of Dr. Steinback

Clarke Steinback is an associate professor covering a wide-range of subjects including 3-D modeling, concept design, storyboarding, video game design, web page design, graphical user interface, and programming.  He is the undergraduate advisor as well as a key architect in the creation of the Applied Computer Graphics program.
With a diverse industry and academic background including biology, biomedical engineering, computer graphics, web technologies, computer science, video game development, and assuasive technologies, Clarke brings a wealth of practical and technical experience to the program.  His Ph.D. in computer science from University of California Santa Cruz focused on computer animation and computer-generated sign language.
Clarke also directs the video game production studio in the Applied Computer Graphics program.  He oversees the student-based production of complete videos games from concept to implementation.
Clarke encourages students to explore their creativity both in the classroom setting as well as with outside work through the student Computer Graphics Club and independent projects.

John Pozzi

Caricature of John Pozzi

John is a lecturer in Applied Computer Graphics with a background in drawing and painting (both digitally and traditionally), 2D and 3D animation, video editing, concept design, background design, and storyboarding. He offers students new and fresh perspectives to their projects while bringing with him a variety of experiences shared with industry members.
With a master's degree in Studio Art and Computer Graphics Production, John comes from an integrated background of traditional and modern media. His emphasis is in multi-media application and integration as well as animation and graphical illustration. With an extensive background in various areas of the production pipeline he brings a wealth of diverse knowledge to the students.
John is an upbeat, energetic instructor that stresses on the importance of effectively communicating stories through visual media. He utilizes the classroom as a means of collaboration and peer reinforcement to offer students a network of feedback on their work. His passion and expressiveness create an ideal synergy in the classroom.

Frank Pereira

Caricature of Frank Pereira

Frank Pereira is a lecturer in Applied Computer Graphics with a background in digital photography, drawing, concept design, sculpture and 3-D modeling.  He has been active in the program since before its official launch and he actively works with students on course and outside projects to assist them in expanding their knowledge and express their creativity. 
With a fine arts background coupled with his master's in Applied Computer Graphics from CSU, Chico that focused on the production process used in industry and in depth study of 3-D character modeling, Frank brings artistic and practical skills to the program and his courses.

Frank's teaching mission is to broaden the student's knowledge of the fundamentals of art and to foster possibilities for their creativity. He wants students to graduate with the skills needed to succeed in this ever-growing field.

Mark Pullyblank

Mark is a lecturer in Applied Computer Graphics with a background in feature animation working for a decade on feature films such as Avatar, The Adventures of Tintin and The Watchman at a number of studios including Weta Digital and Sony Imageworks.  He has also worked as animation supervisor on such films as, Night at the Museum, Journey to the Center of the Earth, and others.  For the past four years he has been a mentor at the online school, Animation Mentor.com where some of his students have gone on to work at studios such as Blue Sky, Sony Imageworks, and Dreamworks. 

He brings with him a deep understanding of high end studio pipelines, animation workflow, and a genuine enthusiasm for the art of animation that he extends to his students.