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Transfer Students

    1. Activate your Chico State portal account by following the steps under “Activate your account.” You will need your student ID number and your birth date to begin this process. You should receive your student ID number from the application acknowledgement email sent to you from the Office of Admissions shortly after you applied. Once you activate your portal account, you should frequently view the Student Center to check your to-do list, track your admission status, and access important dates and deadlines.
    2. If you have already applied and did not pay your application fee of $55 or were not approved for an application fee waiver, please visit to submit your fee either by e-check or credit card.  Your application will not be processed until the fee is paid.  After the deadline has passed, your application will be canceled.  Please submit payment as soon as possible so a decision can be made on your application.
    3. Send your official transcripts from all schools attended by February 3 or your application may be withdrawn. Additionally, if you have military credit, you should send that by the document deadline as well.  Please check your To-Do list in the Student Center periodically for any outstanding documents.  If the document no longer appears on the list, we have received it.
      • Transcripts should be mailed to Office of Admissions, CSU, Chico, 400 W. First Street, Chico, CA  95929-0722.
      • Please send only ONE official copy per institution and keep your order receipt as documentation.  It can take up to two weeks to process your transcript and sending more than one copy only adds to our processing time.
    4. Are you earning or have you already earned an Associate's Degree for Transfer? If so, you should speak with a counselor at your community college and make sure that they submit the appropriate verification on your behalf.
    5. Applicants should apply for scholarships from January 2-February 15.
    6. Notify us of any changes to your application including courses planned or in progress that are not reflected on your submitted transcripts, addresses, email or phone numbers, and changes to your major. Submit the Applicant Change Form or call us at 800-542-4426 or 530-898-6321.
    7. Send any AP, CLEP or IB transcripts that show you earned college credit. CSU, Chico will not accept scores or credit printed on another college transcript; we must have a copy of the original transcript.
    8. View our What's Next Flyer under the "Additional Publications" heading for important dates and deadlines to consider if you are offered admission to CSU, Chico.
    9. Check your email regularly for additional information or requests. Email is the primary form of communication for the Office of Admissions.

Are you completing an Associates Degree for Transfer/SB 1440 Degree?

Denial Appeals
If you feel there is new, serious, and compelling information that might affect our decision, you may submit an appeal. You have 15 business days from the date you receive your deny letter in the mail to submit a hard copy letter of appeal to the Appeal Committee. The committee must see a demonstrated need to repeal the denial decision based on the new information being submitted. To submit an appeal, download the Appeal Coversheet and complete as directed. You are entitled to one appeal per academic term.


Fall 2017 Applicants

Official transcripts from all schools attended must be received by February 3 or your application will be withdrawn.

Check your Student Center within your portal account often for up-to-date information and your admission status.

Please note: Any changes to your reported in progress and planned coursework may affect your admission status, so contact our office with updates.