Been Admitted?

First-time Freshmen

  1. Activate your Chico State Portal account by following the steps under “Activate your account.” You will need your Chico State ID# to begin this process. Once activated, access the Student Center (within your portal) regularly to check your to-do list, track your admission status, and access important dates and deadlines.
  2. Send your SAT and/or ACT test scores by July 15, 2017. We will accept a copy of your score report from College Board, ACT, or your high school transcript as official. You can fax, email, or mail a copy of your results to our office. If faxing to our office at 530-898-6456, please include your full name and Chico State ID#.
  3. Submit your intent to enroll decision by May 1, 2017 through the admissions area found in the Student Center along with your $200 non-refundable confirmation deposit (or proof of exemption). Please check your Offer of Admission packet for important deadlines and instructions.
  4. Sign up to take the EPT and/or ELM. We strongly encourage you to take the EPT and/or ELM by March. If this is not possible, students need to take the test(s) no later than the May 2017 system-wide test date. Testing any later may delay registration for fall courses at Summer Orientation and beyond. All incoming freshmen (including out-of-state) are required to take these placement tests, unless they are exempt.  
  5. Determine if your EPT/ELM scores indicate you need to participate in the Early Start Program. The program takes place the summer before your freshman year and you must declare how you will fulfill this requirement no later than July 15, 2017. This is not an admission requirement, but is a requirement to enroll in courses. Continue to check the Early Start Program site for more information and deadlines. 
  6. Once you graduate, send a final official high school transcript by July 15, 2017 to: Office of Admissions, CSU, Chico, 400 W. First Street, Chico, CA 95929-0722. If your school closes for the summer request your transcript accordingly. *We do not accept summer work after graduation to meet admissions requirements.
  7. If you completed any college-level coursework prior to high school graduation, send a final official transcript from the school(s) you attended. These transcripts should also be sent by July 15, 2017. Your college transcript may be required for admission purposes and may exempt you from tests or requirements and/or award you college credit at CSU, Chico.
  8. Submit any other test scores you may have, such as CAASPP EAP, EPT, ELM, SAT Subject, AP, IB, etc. by July 15, 2017.
  9. Notify us of any changes to your application including class schedule changes, failing grades (D or F) in academic courses, addresses, email or phone numbers, and changes to your major by submitting the Applicant Change Form or by calling us at 800-542-4426 or 530-898-6321.
  10. Continue to check your Student Center and Wildcat email regularly for additional information or important requests. Email is the primary form of communication for the Office of Admissions.
  11. Next steps? What's Next Flyer, Housing, Summer Orientation, Financial Aid, Paying Fees.
  12. If you no longer wish to attend CSU, Chico please contact our office so that we can cancel your application.

Denial Appeals
If you feel there is new, serious, and compelling information that might affect our decision, you may submit an appeal. You have 15 business days from the date you receive your deny letter in the mail to submit a hard copy letter of appeal to the Appeal Committee. The committee must see a demonstrated need to repeal the denial decision based on the new information being submitted. To submit an appeal, download the Appeal Coversheet and complete as directed. You are entitled to one appeal per academic term.


Congratulations!  You have been conditionally admitted to CSU, Chico. Carefully read through the entire packet and be sure to complete all of the necessary admission requirements and meet all upcoming deadlines. Your admission may be rescinded for failure to do so.

  • If you have not submitted your ACT and/or SAT scores, please submit them immediately. Check your Student Center To-Do list to verify if your scores are still needed.
  • Submit your Intent to Enroll decision and Confirmation Deposit by May 1st.
  • Take the EPT/ELM as soon as possible, if you are not exempt. Testing any later than the May 2017 system-wide test date may delay registration for fall courses at Summer Orientation. Click here to register.
  • Start your remediation needs if you are required to based on the Early Start Program requirements.
  • Send all final official transcripts by July 15, 2017.

Mail transcripts to:
Office of Admissions
400 W. First Street
Chico, CA 95929-0722