Been Admitted?

Transfer Students

Be sure to complete all steps below in order to preserve your admission to Chico State.

  1. If you have not done so already, activate your Chico State Portal account by following the steps under “Activate your account.”  You will need your ID# and your birth date to begin this process.  Once you activate your portal account, you should frequently view the Student Center to check your to-do list, track your admission status, and access important dates and deadlines.
  2. Carefully read through your entire acceptance packet, there are still many steps to take before you are a Chico State student. Failure to complete any of these steps may result in your admission being rescinded.
  3. Submit your intent to enroll decision. The intent to enroll decision can be submitted through the Admissions area found on the Student Center in your portal account along with your $200 non-refundable confirmation deposit (or proof of exemption). The deposit will be applied towards your registration fees. Please check your Offer of Admission packet for important deadlines and instructions.
  4. If your general education math, English, oral communication, and/or critical thinking courses were in progress at the time of application, you are required to submit a Confirmation of Final Grade form (pdf) or a copy of your unofficial transcript showing successful completion of the course. You will also be required to submit this form for each of your classes if you are in progress of completing 60 transferable semester units.
  5. The TCR (Transfer Credit Report) provides detailed information on how your coursework from previous institutions transfers to CSU, Chico.  Your TCR can be viewed in the Student Center under "Academic History" and then by selecting "Transfer Credit Report".  We make every effort to have the TCR available before your registration appointment.  Please be aware that updates and the final assessment of your TCR will occur after the submission of your final/official transcripts.  Adjustments can continue to occur throughout your first semester of attendance.
  6. Submit final official transcripts from all colleges or universities attended by the deadline stated in your acceptance packet. Send transcripts to Office of Admissions, CSU, Chico, 400 W. First Street, Chico, CA  95929-0722.
  7. Notify us of any changes to your application including courses planned or in progress that are not reflected on your submitted transcripts, addresses, email or phone numbers, and changes to your major. Submit the Applicant Change Form or call us at 800-542-4426 or 530-898-6321.
  8. Check your email regularly for additional information or important requests. Email is the primary form of communication for the Office of Admissions.
  9. Next steps? What's Next Flyer, Housing, New Student Orientation, Financial Aid, Paying Fees
  10. Did you complete an Associates for Transfer degree?  For advising and support once you are admitted, please visit Academic Advising.
  11. If you no longer wish to attend CSU, Chico please contact our office at or 800-542-4426 so that we can cancel your application.

Are you completing an Associates Degree for Transfer?

Denial Appeals
If feel there is new, serious, and compelling information that might affect our decision, you may submit an appeal. You have 15 business days from the date you receive your deny letter in the mail to submit a hard copy letter of appeal to the Appeal Committee. The committee must see a demonstrated need to repeal the denial decision based on the new information being submitted. To submit an appeal, download the Appeal Coversheet and complete as directed. You are entitled to one appeal per academic term.


If you've recently received an offer of admission packet, congratulations on your provisional admission to CSU, Chico! Be sure to read your entire packet carefully; important dates and deadlines necessary to preserve your admission are included.

  • Check your student center often for holds and to do list items that may effect your eligibility and your ability to register for classes.

Fall 2017                Admitted Students

  • Submit Intent to Enroll Decision and $200 non-refundable deposit or proof of exemption by May 1.  Visit your Student Center and click on the accept/decline link in the lower right hand corner of the page.
  • Send final official transcripts by July 15.

Mail transcripts to:
Office of Admissions
CSU Chico
400 W. First Street
Chico, CA 95929-0722