Meet Your Tour Guides


Hometown: Martinez, CA

Major: Liberal Studies

Hello my name is Cecily Williams and I’m a sophomore here at Chico State. My freshman year was absolutely amazing and it was one of the happiest years of my life! I'm a very proud member of the Alpha Phi Sorority here on campus, as well as a student in the accelerated program for future teachers (I’m a Liberal Studies Major) called ITEC. Like many other students at Chico State, I’m originally from the Bay Area (a small town called Martinez). My home in Martinez is surrounded by trees, so moving to Chico made me instantly feel at home.

Being from a small town, one of the best parts of Chico is the fact that it feels so small, but once you start to explore, you realize just how big Chico actually is.  I’ve learned that there really is something for everyone in Chico; whether you want to go shopping downtown, try all the restaurants in the area, (my friends and I have a food bucket list!), hike at Bidwell Park, or go swimming at Bear Hole there is never a dull moment!

My choice to attend Chico was an easy one.  When I saw all of the students on campus the first time I visited, I just knew that Chico was the place for me. Everyone is so friendly and open minded; when I moved into the dorms without knowing many people, it was so easy to make new friends, something I continue to do even after dorm life. I can’t wait to share all of my experiences with all of you and show you our beautiful campus!