Meet Your Tour Guides


Hometown: Montclair, CA

Major: Psychology

Hi! My name is Myrna Ochoa and I will be starting my fourth (and final) year at CSU Chico!!! I am studying to obtain BA in Psychology with a minor in Child Development. I am hoping to be able to work with the C.A.S.A (Court Appointed Special Advocates) which pretty much works with children who are being removed from their homes due to neglect and/or abuse. I am really interested in the well-being of children because ultimately they are our future.

I am originally from Los Angeles but moved to Montclair (a small city 30 minutes south of LA) when I was eight. During my high school years I was involved with the AVID program and our junior year we took a trip to visit all the universities from Los Angeles to Chico. While all the universities had something that I really enjoyed, Chico was the only one that I felt had it all. Chico is a small community with lots of surprises. At Chico you get the full college experience, and more. You have the opportunity to be part of a community, be part of a beautiful environment, and meet new people who are going through the same experiences as you are.

 I was the only person from my high school that attended Chico, so my freshman year was a bit scary. I did not know anyone. I had the opportunity to live in the residence halls and meet a lot of amazing people, who thankfully I am still friends with. Thanks to them all my years here have been filled with amazing adventures from going shopping crazy downtown, spending Thursday nights at the farmers market, to finding my outdoorsy side, learning how to rock climb, and soooooo much more. I am truly happy that I decided to attend CSU Chico and have not regretted it EVER.

I hope that I get to be able to show you a bit of why I fell in love with Chico and hope to encourage you to fall in love with it too.