Meet Your Tour Guides


Hometown: San Diego, CA

Major: Communication Studies


My name is Sophie Silva and I am junior at CSU, Chico majoring in Communications with an option in Public Affairs. I know what you’re thinking… What can you do with a degree in Communications? I want to become an event planner after I graduate, which is one of the many jobs that work well with communications majors. I transferred to CSU, Chico last summer, so I am still getting to know the area myself, but I am loving the experience so far! I’m originally from San Diego, so it was a huge change going from a large city where everything is a 20 minute drive to a small town where everything is walking distance from your house! 

When my mind is not on school, I enjoy burying my head in a good book! Reading is one of my main hobbies, but lately you can also find me at CSU, Chico’s WREC center! I enjoying taking a book with me on the treadmill and training for the half marathon I am signed up for! (I still have a long ways to go until I get to 13 miles, so you can find me there pretty often!) I also enjoy the classes offered at the WREC, which are free for students!  I hope to show around our campus and tell you about how wonderful our school is!