B.S. in Nursing Second Bachelor Students

CSU, Chico is not open to second bachelor students unless they are pursuing a second B.S. in Nursing. 

  1. Applicants must have earned a bachelor's degree already and are seeking a second bachelor's degree in nursing only.
  2. You must apply as pre-nursing through CSUMentor.edu* on the undergraduate application during the filing period for the semester you plan to attend.
    • Fall semester: October 1 - November 30
    • Spring semester: August 1 - August 31
  3. If you did not previously attend CSU, Chico; activate your portal account.  You will need your student ID number from your application acknowledgement email and your birth date to begin the process. 
  4. Send final official transcripts to the Office of Admissions from all schools attended during your undergraduate career by February 15, (for Fall applicants) or September 26 (for Spring applicants.)
  5. Apply to the nursing program directly.  Be sure to carefully read the School of Nursing's website for application and deadline information.  
  6. If you are admitted to the nursing program, Admissions will then admit you to CSU, Chico. 
  7. If admitted, be sure to carefully read your entire acceptance packet for further details and future deadlines.
  8. Check your campus email and Student Center within your Portal account regularly for additional information or requests.  Email is the primary form of communication for the Office of Admissions.

*For quicker and more reliable processing we urge you to apply online.  We accept paper applications if you are unable to do so.

Any CSU, Chico student or applicant for admission to CSU, Chico has the right to be free from discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.  If you feel you have been subjected to the aforementioned, consult Executive Order 1097 or contact the Student Judicial Affairs Office, 530-898-6897.

General inquiries about your application should be directed to the Office of Admissions at info@csuchico.edu or 1-800-542-4426.


See the nursing admission criteria for more information.