Eligibility Requirements

Out-of-State Freshmen

College Preparatory Courses Required (“A-G” Requirements)

Years RequiredSubject
4 years English
3 years Mathematics
(algebra, geometry, algebra 2; sometimes referred to as intermediate algebra)
2 years Social science
(including one year of US history or one semester of US history and one semester of US government)
2 years Science with a laboratory
(one life science and one physical science)
2 years Foreign language
(the same language)
1 year       Visual and performing arts
(one single yearlong course)
1 year  College preparatory elective

Complete above courses with a C or better. We do not accept summer work after graduation to meet admission requirements. We do not accept “P” as an eligible grade listed on your application and will ask for further clarification if used.

For more information about admission criteria, validation, or appropriate courses refer to the CSU Admissions handbook (pdf).

Understanding Impacted Admission Criteria

CSU, Chico is impacted for fall 2015. Non-California residents will be "rank ordered" by eligibility index. Admission offers will be made in descending order until the freshman class is full. We will not know the final index cut-off until we are able to look at the characteristics of the entire applicant pool. Review calculating your eligibility index below for how to calculate.

Non-California residents must have at least the CSU minimum of a 3502 index using SAT Reasoning scores or an 842 index using the ACT composite score in order to be considered eligible. 

Calculating Your High School Grade Point Average (GPA)

For admission purposes in an impacted cycle, to calculate your GPA, use grades received in college preparatory courses during 10th and 11th grades. Courses completed in the summer after 9th and/or 11th grade can be used in the calculation.

Up to eight additional grade points can be awarded for approved honors, Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), or college-level courses. Honors courses taken in 10th grade need to be AP, IB, or designated as junior or senior level in order to be awarded up to two points. All courses need to be approved by your high school and listed accordingly on a transcript if and when requested. More information about honors courses can be found in the CSU Admissions Handbook on pages 13 through 15.

Note:  Due to impaction, we do not use grades earned, in progress or planned in the 12th grade for the initial application review. If you are repeating a course in the 12th grade that you previously earned a grade for in 10th or 11th grade, the original grade needs to be reported on your application. More instructions can be found within the online CSUMentor application.

Required Tests for Admissions

Students must take the SAT Reasoning or ACT exam by December of their senior year. We will not accept tests taken after December to make admission decisions. All students are required to take either test regardless of GPA. 

We use the SAT Reasoning Critical Reading and Math scores for admission decisions.

We use the ACT Composite score for admission decisions. 

Calculating Your Eligibility Index

Your index is a combination of your test scores and the GPA described above. In order to calculate, use the following equations for either SAT or ACT scores. 

  • Using SAT Reasoning Test scores (math and critical reading only):
    (Your GPA  x  800) + (Your SAT Reasoning Test total) = Your Index
    Example  (3.2 GPA  x  800) + (550+560=1100 SAT) = 3660 Index
  • Using ACT composite score:
    (Your GPA  x 200) + (10 x ACT Composite) = Your Index
    Example  (3.2 GPA x 200) + (10 x 24) =  880 Index

Non-California residents must have a minimum index of 3502 using SAT Reasoning Test scores or 842 using the ACT composite score.

Required Placement Testing (EPT/ELM)

Out-of-state students planning to attend CSU, Chico (or any CSU) are still required to take the English Placement Test (EPT) and/or Entry Level Math tests unless they are exempt. This is not an admissions test and will not be used to determine eligibility; however, this test is required for enrollment purposes.

To view test exemptions, schedule out-of-state exams, or access more information please view the EPT/ELM/Early Start test link on the admissions home page.