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Internal Documents

- Additional Documents (campus only)

Tax-Free IRA Rollover Information

- Our Recent Postcard Info
- Securities as Charitable Gifts

Gift Processing Forms

Please contact the Gift Processing Department at (530) 898-4488
for more info regarding gift processing forms and procedures.

Give Instantly Online - Make a Gift Form
- Make a Pledge Form
- Payroll Deduction Authorization Form

University Foundation Projects

- Foundation Project Inquiry (Email)
- Project Authorization Form
- Project Closure Form

UF Scholarship / Award

- Awards vs. Scholarships
- Award Payment Form
- CSU, Chico Scholarships Policy EM 08-06
- Payee Data Record Form
- Scholarship Inquiry (Email)

Event Registration

- Encompass Event Request Form
Download and complete in Adobe Acrobat, not web browser supported

Post-Conference Attendee Report

- Post-Conference Attendee Report

System Access Forms

- Confidentiality Agreement
- Request for System Access
- Reeher User Confidentiality Acknowledgement and Authorization Form

Governance Documents

- Governance Documents & Foundation Policies
- Reports & Financials (includes CSU Annual Report)

- California Probate Code – UPMIFA
- University Foundation website