College of Agriculture

Lee Altier


Personal Information

Seattle is where I grew up, but I've been a long time away. I received undergraduate degrees in anthropology at the University of Washington and horticulture at Washington State University. I farmed and did agricultural extension work in Washington State, New Mexico, and Nepal. I then received my MS and PhD in horticulture from Cornell University studying the design of ecologically sound cropping systems.

For three and a half years, besides growing collard greens and exploring swamps in south Georgia, I helped coordinate a multidisciplinary team of scientists at the USDA-Agricultural Research Service in Tifton, Georgia in the development of REMM, a computer model to simulate riparian ecosystems.

In July 1995, I drove a truck with my family and worldly possessions to a new home in northern California. Besides growing kiwis and exploring the Sierras, I have been enjoying teaching and doing research in agroecology at California State University, Chico. My primary areas of interest are water quality control, agroecosystem modeling, and vegetable cropping systems. I am an advocate of holistic management framework for planning and decision making.


  • PSSC 309:  Directed Work in Field/Row Crops
  • PSSC 365:  Sustainable Vegetable Crop Production