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Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

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1. Technically competent in their chosen field of agriculture and able to make sound judgments.

  • Demonstrate basic principles of animal nutrition
  • Demonstrate basic principles of reproductive physiology
  • Demonstrate basic principles of agricultural genetics
  • Demonstrate basic principles of animal health and disease
  • Demonstrate basic principles of meat science/food safety
  • Demonstrate understanding of at least two domesticated species  
  • Demonstrate basic principles of agricultural business
  • Demonstrate basic principles of plant science 

2. Demonstrate the ability to identify the appropriate methodologies to solve analytical problems.

  • Demonstrate the scientific method
  • Demonstrate quantitative/analytical skills
  • Knowledge of experimental design

3. Capable of communicating clearly and concisely.

  • Demonstrate effective verbal communication in AGRI/ANSC
  • Demonstrate effective written communication in AGRI/ANSC

4. Aware of the complex interrelationships of natural and agricultural systems.

  • Be able to apply ecological principles to the management of agricultural systems 

5. Have an international and domestic perspective of historical and current issues as applied to agriculture.

  • Have knowledge of a wide range of agricultural issues and problems such as environmental quality, food safety, and international competitiveness
  • Identify ethical issues and appropriate solutions