CSU, Chico

Danielle Baker, Plant Science

Danielle Baker, Plant Science

Danielle Baker, Plant ScienceAfter preparing the compost at the campus display area, sophomore Danielle Baker washes her hands, kicks the dirt off her shoes and heads to class. She is interning with A.S. Recycling, and cares deeply about the environment – and no, she’s not an environmental studies major, she is a Star Student in the College of Agriculture.

Most people picture agriculture majors wearing cowboy boots with skin kissed by the sun from being out on the farm, and animals or tractors in the back drop, but Baker, who is majoring in Plant Science has chosen a different route with her education.

"I would like to eventually work on an organic farm and grow herbs for medicinal purposes," she said.

When she isn't creating compost with the community, Baker, who is originally from Shingle Springs, Calif., holds her duties as the president of the Plant Science Club. With only two years under her belt at Chico State, Baker has managed to receive Superior Agriculture and California Crop Improvement Scholarships.She said a lot of her motivation comes from her professors.

Professor Rich Rosecrance sees a bright future for Baker, and said she has many paths open to her.

"In 10 years she could be managing her own farm, working in environmental consulting or working as an environmental lawyer," Rosecrance said." She is very intelligent and has great leadership skills."

Rosecrance also said her leaderships skills have improved in her short stay at Chico State.

"I have seen her change from a tentative leader to one who is confident, energetic and forceful," he said.

When asked why she went into agriculture when her passion is the environment, Baker sited her family and upbringing.

"My great grandfather homesteaded the land I was raised on and my father is now farming the land," Baker said. "I really want to carry on this tradition."