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Christy Baviere, Agriculture Education

Christy Baviere, Agriculture Education

Christy BaviereChristy Baviere came to California State University, Chico because it was close to her hometown of Orland, and she knew the university was among the best.  After taking numerous classes at Chico State, Baviere found a home in the College of Agriculture.

Baviere, a senior agriculture major with an option in agriscience and education, credits the College of Agriculture for the hands-on experience she has gained over the past four years. “Most of the experience I have gained has come from hands-on opportunities and I know that most colleges do not have as many hands-on opportunities as CSU, Chico.” Baviere has not only gained knowledge through the hands-on experiences, but also from the advanced courses she taken through the Honors Education Program.  She has also gained essential skills through the extra-curricular activities that she has been involved in.  Baviere is a member of Alpha Zeta, Alpha Tau Alpha, and Ag Ambassadors.  She has also assisted with the Agriculture Mechanics Contest for the FFA Field Day. 

Baviere says that her biggest influence while at CSU, Chico has been Carrie Whitcher, a lecturer in plant science.  “She is just fun and inspirational.  I started at Chico with an interest in animal science, and after working with Carrie, I broadened my horizons to so many different aspects.”  Baviere is currently working with Whitcher to complete her research project on silicone in hydroponic units with bedding plants.

When Baviere is not busy with school work or extra-curricular activities, she can be found working at a local florist or ballroom dancing.   

After graduating in May, Baviere plans on teaching agriculture at a high school in Northern California.  She hopes to focus her curriculum towards plant science and wants to have a functional greenhouse at the high school so that her students can get the same kind of hands-on experience that she received at Chico State.