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Hallie Muller, Agriculture Education

Hallie Muller, Agriculture Education

Hallie MullerAs a young child, senior Agriculture Science and Education major Hallie Muller fell in love with farming and the agriculture industry, having been born and raised on a 250-acre organic farm in Guinda, California named Full Belly Farms.

The decision to attend CSU, Chico came as a senior in high school when Muller attended a workshop at Chico State where she was impressed by Agriculture Education Associate Professor Brad Dodson's ability to interact on a human level with his students. From that moment she was drawn to the CSU, Chico College of Agriculture and is thankful for her decision every day.

While at CSU, Chico Muller has had the opportunity to work at the college farm's swine unit and also serve as a student assistant for Dr. Dodson. Muller is thankful that her classes at Chico State have allowed her to combine hands-on work in the sheep and beef units with experience in training and educating youth. "Through my involvement with the Agriculture Education component of our college," said Muller,  "I have had the opportunity to present leadership workshops at the State FFA Leadership Conference, which led me to participate in an amazing internship with Excellence in Presentations." Muller has also been involved with Collegiate FFA, Alpha Tau Alpha and has organized many leadership contests for high school students.

When asked who has been influential to her at Chico State, Muller replied, "There have been so many people who have been influential to me. Dr. Dodson has taught me how to be a better teacher; Dr. Doyle challenged my writing and way of thinking in an incredibly positive way; Dr. Spiess has pushed me to think in an analytical and mathematical way; Dr. Johnson has allowed me to learn in a practical, applied way; while the Daleys have pushed me to become a better student. I am so thankful for anyone who has put extra time or effort into my education."

In her free time Muller enjoys reading, being outdoors, working with animals, and working with children. "I try to spend as much time as possible with my friends and family," she said.

After graduation, Muller is excited to return to her parent's farm, where she will take on the role as coordinator of outreach and education. "I hope to expand their current educational components and forge new relationships with schools," she said, "creating healthy farm-to-school connections. I will also expand the agritourism portion of their farm by creating a more dynamic outreach program."