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Sarah Albers, Animal Science

Sarah Albers, Animal Science

Sarah AlbersSarah Albers, the 2012 Animal Science Star Student, didn’t come to Chico State with a dairy background, but that’s where she has found her calling. Albers entered college on the pre-veterinary track and planned to continue to vet school, but her experience helping at the Chico State organic dairy unit in ANSC 110, “directed work experience,” shifted her focus to dairy production. With her aptitude to learn quickly, strong leadership skills, and keen interest in large animals, Albers joined the Dairy Management team in 2010.

When herd manager Darby Holmes stepped down from the position in 2011, Albers was appointed student co-manager and took on new responsibilities, such as helping with the annual organic certification renewal, leading the breeding program, and many other management roles.

An internship at Pedrozo Dairy and Cheese Company during her sophomore year further sparked Albers’ interest. The company produces farmstead cheese on their 30-cow dairy in Orland, Calif. Albers was involved with cheese-making, the aging process, and spent a lot of time in the packaging and pricing process for farmers markets and local events. As an animal science major with an ag business minor and a new-found passion for the dairy industry, this was a perfect local opportunity while attending Chico State. “What I love about the farmstead cheese business is that it is so vertically integrated; you get to work with animals on a daily basis, develop a finished and packaged product, and market it yourself,” said Albers.

Albers’ integrity and ability to excel in a high level of leadership is apparent in her membership in Alpha Zeta (AZ), an agriculture honors society. During the 2010-2011 academic year, she served as the chapter censor, and she remains active in her senior year. Albers has also maintained above a 3.0 GPA since her arrival at Chico State.

Her dedication to her academics and leadership has made her a strong nominee for many awards and honors. In the fall of 2011, Albers received the prestigious Robert Merton Rawlins Merit Award because of her academic and professional achievements, community service, and strong commitment to her education. As the humble person Albers is, she was surprised to receive the $3,000 award. “I was so surprised that Cindy Daley went to all the trouble to nominate me for this award,” said Albers.

Albers is also a member of the Chico State Stock Dog Club and is currently training her Blue Heeler Border Collie for agility competitions.

Now at the end of her busy and accomplished college career, Albers looks forward to pursuing a career in the dairy industry. She would like to experience different aspects of the dairy industry, such as commercial production, but ultimately Albers wants to return to Humboldt County where plenty of career opportunities await her in the dairy industry.