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Elizabeth Hurd, Agriculture Business

Elizabeth Hurd, Agriculture Business

Elizabeth HurdThis year’s Agriculture Business Star Student has a passion for service leadership, a strong history of civic engagement, and a commitment to better the community. 

Senior Agriculture Business major Elizabeth Hurd has a long record of giving to others.  She volunteered for many organizations outside of school, including the Peg Taylor Center, which provides daily health care and support to help families caring for loved ones with serious health conditions; Handi Riders, a therapeutic horseback riding program; and the Ronald McDonald Camp, where she served as a counselor, assisting the disabled campers and coordinating activities.

“I have always liked being active in my community and working with organizations that give back to people.  I have gained so much from it as a person,” Hurd said. “It is a very humbling experience to work with elderly, young, or disabled people. There is always something to learn from those around you.”

Hurd’s dedication to service and volunteerism serves the campus well.  During the 2009-2010 school year, Hurd served on the donations committee for Chico State’s Up ‘til Dawn community fundraising program with St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. In April 2011 Hurd courageously shaved her head for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation and raised more than $2,000 for St. Baldrick’s. She has also served as a facilitator for the Associated Students Freshmen Leadership Opportunity program. 

While Hurd volunteers throughout the campus and community, she really shines within the CSU, Chico College of Agriculture. Since her freshmen year, Hurd has been involved in Alpha Tau Alpha, a National Professional Honorary Agriculture Education Organization. She has also been active in Alpha Zeta, a professional agriculture organization, where she has held officer positions, including chancellor. “I enjoy having my hand in a little bit of everything, and being active in clubs like ATA and AZ just did it for me,” Hurd said. One might ask when she has time for school, but she manages her schedule quite well and has maintained a strong GPA.

Hurd has worked for the College of Agriculture in two internship roles during the course of her college career.  As a sophomore, she was the public information intern, and then she became the outreach intern for her junior and senior years.  “I loved my internships because they were ever changing, especially the outreach internship which was really an extension of ag ambassadors,” Hurd said. “I have been able to do a lot of the behind-the-scenes work for ag ambassador events. I like planning and organizing the different events for the College of Agriculture as well.”

 Hurd’s work in the outreach office was a natural fit for her application and selection as Summer Orientation Peer Advisor.  As a peer advisor Hurd gave campus tours and helped incoming students choose classes. In another feat of leadership, Hurd served as co-chairperson for the Chico State/Butte College FFA Field Day.  She had the important role of leading a team of peers who plan the annual field day for more than 1000 high school students from across California to come compete in various skill competitions. 

Her commitment to community service has earned her many awards. In 2011 she received two awards at the University Awards Reception. She was one of only three CSU, Chico students selected by the Chico Advisory Board to receive the Outstanding Student Service Award and received the College of Agriculture Outstanding Student Leader Award for her leadership and service to the community and campus. At the 2012 University Awards Ceremony she received the Wells Fargo Award for going above and beyond for her exceptional community service. “She is one of the most dependable and dynamic young servant leaders I have had the opportunity to work with and without a doubt will excel in whatever she chooses to do,” said CSU, Chico Outreach Coordinator Audrey Denny.

Hurd’s leadership capabilities even extend to her extracurricular athletic activities.  She is currently co-president of the Chico State Row Team for the 2012 season.

“Everything at Chico State has helped shape me into the person I am today and has provided a little more guidance for me in terms of what I want to do,” Hurd said. Hurd can see herself in a few years working in the agriculture industry doing what she does best: leading, promoting, and giving to others. “All of my internships and jobs on campus have added a little to the big picture of what I am interested in, and it’s boiled down to the events and outreach aspects within a company or at a university,” Hurd said.