CSU, Chico



Thanks to our trainer Mike Gaston who attends a weekly work night. Mike is a member of the Western Cattle Dog Association, and has trialed competitively with his dog Tippy as well as various dogs raised by Al Vieira.

Always thank you to our advisor Dr. Celina Johnson and her two dogs, Sly and Gidget! Dr. Johnson is also the faculty staff at the Chico State Sheep and Goat Unit.

Thank you to all those who donated prized for our 2008 sheep and goat day raffle!

  • Jill’s Elegant Dog Boutique
    1722 Mangrove Ave Suite 24, Chico, CA
    (530) 891-6019
    Dog dish, ball, and dog treats
  • The Tackle Box, Sud’s and Gun
    379 E. Park Ave., Chico, CA
    (530) 898-9761
    Dog training Dummy Thrower
  • California Vaquero
    2910 Hwy 32, Suite 500, Chico, CA
    (530) 899-9250
    Dog Collar with cow hide
  • Scraps Dog Bakery
    2485 Notre Dame Blvd. #460, Chico, CA
    (530) 342-2690
    $15 certificate
  • Brainy Dog
    P.O. Box 442 Forest Ranch, CA
    (530) 566-1966
    50% off of 1st private lesson in the Chico area
  • The Horse Store and More
    2827 Esplanade, Chico, CA
    (530) 345-5353
    Dog blanket, animal shampoo and western clock
  • The Pet Shop
    Bag of Dog Food
  • Al Vierra
    The Raffle Puppy!