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Course Offerings and Sample Course Syllabi

Course Offerings and Sample Course Syllabi

Agricultural Business Courses (ABUS)
Agricultural Education Courses (AGED)
Agricultural Engineering Technology Courses (AGET)
Agriculture Courses (AGRI)
Animals Science Courses (ANSC)
Plant and Soil Science Courses (PSSC)

Selected syllabi are available as examples, see course instructor for current syllabus.  Files are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format or MS-Word

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Course NumberDescription
ABUS Catalog Course Descriptions Back to Top
ABUS 101 Introduction to Agricultural Business and Economics (pdf)
ABUS 211  Agricultural Sales and Consulting (pdf)
ABUS 231 Computer Applications in Agriculture
ABUS 261 Farm Accounting (pdf)
ABUS 262 Management Accounting for Agriculture (pdf)
ABUS 300  Agricultural Business Competition (pdf)
ABUS 301  Agricultural Production Economics and Quantitative Analysis (pdf)
ABUS 311  Agricultural Markets and Pricing (pdf)
ABUS 312  Wholesaling and Retailing Food Products (pdf)
ABUS 321  Agribusiness Management (pdf)
ABUS 341 Natural Resources Economics (pdf)
ABUS 350 International AG Bus Practices (pdf)
ABUS 389  Internship in Agribusiness 
ABUS 390  World Food and Hunger Issues (pdf)
ABUS 411  Agricultural Marketing Planning (pdf)
ABUS 415  Agricultural Price Analysis (pdf)
ABUS 421  Advanced Agribusiness (pdf)
ABUS 425  Cooperatives Seminar  (pdf)
ABUS 451  Agricultural Policy (pdf)
ABUS 453  Agricultural Law 
ABUS 464 Farm and Ranch Appraisal (pdf)
ABUS 465 Agricultural Finance (pdf)
ABUS 487  Risk Management Strategies: Personnel and Equipment (pdf)

Catalog Course Descriptions Back to Top

AGED 321 Program Development in Agriculture Education (pdf)
AGED 420 Techniques in Vocational Agricultural Instruction  (pdf)
AGED 421 Teaching Methods and Curriculum in Agricultural Mechanics (pdf)
AGED 520  Supervised Teaching: Agriculture (pdf)
AGED 521  Curriculum and Methods in Teaching Vocational Agriculture (pdf)
AGED 601 Program Planning in AGED
AGED 610 Assesment in Agriculture Education
AGET Catalog Course Descriptions  Back to Top
AGET 110 Directed Work AGET
AGET 120 Introduction to Agricultural Mechanics (pdf)
AGET 150 Agricultural Machine Systems (pdf)
AGET 340 GPS/GIS in Ag/Natural Resource Management (pdf)
AGET 360 Irrigation (pdf)
AGET 389  Internship in Agricultural Engineering Technology 
AGRI Catalog Course Descriptions  Back to Top
AGRI 180 The University Experience (pdf)
AGRI 181 Coordinating Group Agricultural Activities 
AGRI 201  Introduction to Agricultural Education (pdf)
AGRI 210  Directed Field Experience Agricultural Education  (pdf)
AGRI 305  Agricultural Genetics & Biotechnology (pdf)
AGRI 331  Agricultural Ecology (pdf)
AGRI 380 A Agricultural Leadership (pdf)
AGRI 380 B Leadership and Fair Management (pdf)
AGRI 389 Internships in Agriculture
AGRI 432  Holistic Resource Management
AGRI 482  Agricultural Systems and Issues Aschenbrener (pdf)
AGRI 482 Agricultural Systems and Issues Doyle (pdf)
AGRI 490  Agricultural Experimental Research (pdf)
AGRI 491  Agricultural Experimentation
AGRI 499H Honors Research in Agriculture
ANSC Catalog Course Descriptions  Back to Top
ANSC 101 Introduction to Animal Science (pdf)
ANSC 110  Directed Work Experience in Animal Science (pdf)
ANSC 120  Livestock Skills 
ANSC 160  Veterinary Practices 
ANSC 175  Basic Horse Science 
ANSC 198 Special Topics 
ANSC 230  Feeds and Nutrition (pdf)
ANSC 250  Live Animal and Carcass Evaluation (pdf)
ANSC 260  Advanced Veterinary Practice
ANSC 271 Principles of Beef Production (pdf)
ANSC 272  Sheep Production & Management (pdf)
ANSC 273 Swine Production & Management (pdf)
ANSC 274 Principles of Dairy Production
ANSC 301  Intermediate Animal Systems (pdf)
ANSC 320 Animal Feeds and Nutrition (pdf)
ANSC 330  Animal Nutrition (pdf)
ANSC 340  Reproductive Physiology of Domestic Animals (pdf)
ANSC 350  Meat and the Consumer (pdf)
ANSC 360  Animal Health and Diseases
ANSC 389  Internship in Animal Science
ANSC 398  Special Topics 
ANSC 399  Special Problems 
ANSC 440 Anat Physiology of Domestic Animals (pdf)
ANSC 450  Food Sanitation and Quality Control 
ANSC 470  Livestock Production Problems 
ANSC 471  Beef Cattle Management (pdf)
ANSC 474  Dairy Production and Management (pdf)
PSSC Catalog Course Descriptions Back to Top
PSSC 101 Introduction to Plant Science (pdf)
PSSC 160  West Coast Crop Production (pdf)
PSSC 250 Introduction to Soils
PSSC 266 California Orchard Production
PSSC 274 Greenhouse Management (pdf)
PSSC 305  Introduction to Wines (pdf)
PSSC 309B Directed Work in Field and Row Crops (pdf)
PSSC 330  Rangeland Resources and Management (pdf)
PSSC 334  Wetland and Riparian Resources and Management
PSSC 340  Economic Entomology (pdf)
PSSC 342  Plant Pathology 
PSSC 343  Introduction to Weed Science (pdf)
PSSC 353  Plant Protection Materials (pdf)
PSSC 356  Soil Quality & Health (pdf)
PSSC 361  Production of Annual Crops (pdf)
PSSC 363  Forage Crops  (pdf)
PSSC 366  Fruit & Nut Production (pdf)
PSSC 389  Internship 
PSSC 390 Food Forever_Altier (pdf)
PSSC 390 Food Forever Johns (pdf)
PSSC 392 World Food and Fiber (pdf)
PSSC 433  Wildland Vegetation Ecology
PSSC 437  Wildland Classification and Inventory
PSSC 438  Landscape Ecology
PSSC 441  Principles of Integrated Pest Management (pdf)
PSSC 451  Soil Genesis and Classification 
PSSC 453  Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition (pdf)

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