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Adrienne Edwards

Adrienne Edwards

Plant Science Lecturer

Adrienne EdwardsOffice: Plumas 222

Campus Zip: 310

Phone: 530-898-5753

FAX: 530-898-6170

E-mail Address: aledwards@csuchico.edu

Personal Info

I grew up in a south Texas cow town, a North Carolina mill town, and spent a lot of summers riding horses in Minnesota.  As one of the last Botany undergraduates from University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, I then worked for 7 years in wholesale nurseries, landscaping, lawn maintenance, and as a horticultural research technician in the North Carolina Sweet Potato Breeding Program at North Carolina State University.  I shifted gears and earned MS and PhD degrees in Botany at the University of Georgia-Athens, studying plant population genetics and ecology of rare plants in wetland and upland habitats. Shifting gears again to applied ecosystem ecology, I was part of a multidisciplinary team examining the cascading effects of phosphorus inputs in the Everglades, as a post-doctoral researcher at Florida International University.  As a researcher with the Illinois Natural History Museum (University of Illinois-Champaign-Urbana), I continued to research the genetics and ecology of rare plants, and conducted numerous vegetation surveys related to different land use patterns. 

Short teaching stints and travels to Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru and Paraguay make me want to travel and learn more about the plants and agricultural practices in other regions of the world!

In 2006 my family moved to Chico because my husband was invited to join the Biology Faculty at CSUC.  Since arriving in California I have become very interested in vegetation and pollinator patterns across different land use types.  Recently, I have taught several courses that reflect my broad interests in plant science, including horticulture, landscape plant identification, basic plant science, environmental science, and wetland ecology.  In addition, I have worked as an environmental consultant, conducting environmental assessments, and developing and monitoring restoration and mitigation plans.

I love to teach and research the wonderful world of plants.  In my spare time I enjoy gardening, hiking, camping, playing music and creating!


  • PSSC 101 – Introduction to Plant Science
  • PSSC 234 – Greenhouse Management

Research and Professional Interests

As a reflection of my enthusiasm for everything having to do with plants, I have continued to explore the ecology of rare plants and restoration (Walker Mine rehabilitation project in Plumas County, California), while cultivating an interest in fostering healthier pollinator biodiversity in urban and agricultural systems.  In urban centers, where native biodiversity is lowest, I have been encouraging local efforts to provide pollen, nectar, and shelter resources for pollinators while simultaneously reducing water use.  I have conducted educational outreach workshops and have designed a number of native plant gardens to provide pollinator “oasis”, such as the Northern California Native Plant/Pollinator Garden at the Gateway Museum (in conjunction with Paula Shapiro of the California Native Plant Society).  I look forward to researching hedgerow and cover crop designs to supplement honeybee pollination of agricultural crops.

Service to the College, University, and Community

I serve on several graduate student committees in Biology and Geological and Environmental Sciences, on the Board of Friends of the CSUC Herbarium, and volunteer with various plant-centered organizations in and around Chico.