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Case Studies

Case Studies

Organic Dairy Case Studies

A comparison of production and management between Wisconsin organic and conventional dairy herds
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Antimicrobial susceptibility of Salmonella from organic and conventional dairy farms
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Effect of concentrate supplementation level on production, health and efficiency in an organic dairy herd
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Energy utilization in crop and dairy production in organic and conventional livestock production systems
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Environmental impact assessment of conventional and organic milk production
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Influence if Corn Processing and Frequency of Feeding on Cow Performance
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Intake and performance of lactating cows grazing diverse forage mixtures
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Organic dairy farming in Europe: Production systems, economics and future development
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Performance of dairy cows on Swiss farms with organic production
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Quality evaluation and concentrate supplementation of rotational pasture grazed by lactating cows
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Survey quantifies cost of organic milk production in California
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Timeliness costs for the silage harvest in conventional and organic milk production
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Utilization of Nitrogen and Phosphorous in organic dairy farming in Norway
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