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orchard in bloomUsing the orchards at the ATRC, students have an opportunity for hands-on instruction and are able to conduct applied research projects in cooperation with University of California Cooperative Extension, local growers, and various agricultural service companies. Besides producing a crop, the orchards find use in many of our College of Agriculture courses. Courses such as PSSC 366, fruit and nut production, and AGRI 490, agricultural experimental research, make extensive use of the orchards managed at the ATRC.

Currently, the farm has 33 acres of almonds, including a 14-acre varietal plot. Walnuts are planted on 50 acres with an additional 22 acres planned. We also have 10 acres of pecans and a small U-Pick peach orchard that is open to the public during the harvest season.  All orchards are managed to provide a learning site for our instructional programs and use a state-of-the-art computerized irrigation control system.

Besides the opportunities associated with course related activities and applied research, students can apply to be on the orchard management team. These students work closely with the faculty and staff to manage the orchards and get to put into practice what they are learning in their courses.

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