CSU, Chico

Chico State Students Attend CGFA Conference

Chico State Students Attend CGFA Conference

On Jan. 16 and 17, California State University, Chico College of Agriculture students Brittni Reid, Samantha Airth and Kate Moore attended the California Grain and Feed Association’s conference held in Monterey, Calif., with Animal Science Professor Celina Phillips. The conference consisted of educational workshops and seminars focused around the feed mill industry.

"The conference was an extraordinary opportunity," said senior animal science major Kate Moore. "Most of the material discussed at the conference was brand new to me, and I enjoyed getting a chance to learn about all of it. The conference was unlike anything I have seen at Chico State, and it provided me with real work experience among industry leaders. This conference truly widened my awareness of diverse agriculture industries."

Workshops covered mill safety information and precautions to help prevent accidents or death.  A lawyer spoke on the importance of safety, wage and hour lawsuits, and new legislation that will affect the industry. New technologies were introduced, including conveyor technologies, computers and cameras that could all help the producers more accurately and efficiently generate their product.

February 12, 2013