CSU, Chico

Students Attend AFA Leaders Conference

Students Attend AFA Leaders Conference

California State University, Chico students Kadee Buckmaster, Elizabeth Hurd, and Jessica Vazquez and Animal Science Professor Celina Johnson traveled to Kansas City, Mo. Nov. 3-6 for the Agriculture Futures of America (AFA) Leaders Conference.

The AFA Leaders Conference was themed “My Piece. My Place. Our Future.” and focused on helping students find their place in agriculture and build skills to be successful in the diverse industry. The conference was broken into three tracks based on the student’s year in college. Track one was formatted for freshman level, track two was for sophomores, and track three was for junior and seniors.

“I am so glad that I was given the opportunity to attend the Agriculture Future of America Conference. There was so much valuable information given,” said Vazquez. “I was in track one, and they helped us discover how valuable it is to be able to market yourself in the agriculture industry and showed us how we can gain the skills to do so. I hope I can go back next year and be a part of track two.”

The students also had the opportunity to attend the AFA Leaders Conference Opportunity Fair. At the Opportunity Fair students were able to network with industry professionals and search for internships and employment.