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Meats Lab Technician Wins at Cured Meat Competition

Meats Lab Technician Wins at Cured Meat Competition

Adam Knapp, CSU, Chico Meats Lab technician, was named champion of the “best selling sausage” category in the California Association of Meat Processors (CAMP) cured meat contest. The contest was in conjunction with the annual CAMP convention and table top tradeshow held at California State University, Chico Feb. 24-26. Approximately 150 attendees representing more than 30 small California meat processors were on hand for educational seminars, tours, student contests, and the cured meat competition. 

“It was a great place to host the convention,” Knapp said.  “It gave people the opportunity to see what we are doing here and gave recognition to the meats lab.

Jalapeno Cheese Brats, a product of the CSU, Chico meats lab, earned Knapp his title as champion in the best selling sausage category. “It was my own recipe, but was influenced mainly by the techniques I learned from (former Meats Lab technician) Jim Holt four years ago,” Knapp said. “The Jalapeno Brats have been a product of the meats lab in one form or another for a long time, and have always been a great seller.” The brats are sold at the Meats Lab every Thursday and Friday.

All contestants were members of the California Association of Meat Processors who entered cured and smoked hams, bacon, jerky, sausages, and other meats snacks. Knapp has attended CAMP conventions for five years, but this was his first year entering a product in the contest.