CSU, Chico

Ag Leadership Class Feeds 25 Families for Thanksgiving

Ag Leadership Class Feeds 25 Families for Thanksgiving

The Fair Management and Agricultural Leadership class at California State University, Chico organized a community service project this semester titled Seasons of Service and doubled its original fundraising goal. The project initially aimed to collect enough food and money to be able to feed 10 families in need for Thanksgiving. However, through class efforts, community support, and the students’ dedication, the class raised over $2,100 to feed 25 families for the Thanksgiving holiday. 

Agriculture education majors Cynthia Hinde and Courtney Wright served as student co-chairs overseeing the project. The project was multifaceted and raised money as well as collected food in multiple phases. The group started with a canned food drive that was a competition among the clubs in the College of Agriculture. The winner of the food drive, Sigma Alpha, received a $200 cash prize from the Inter-Club Council. Sigma Alpha chose to donate that $200 back to the Ag Leadership class project. In addition to the clubs, AGRI 180, The University Experience, classes also contributed by collecting cans for the cause along with the Freshman Leadership Opportunity program.

Money and cans were also collected from shoppers outside of Safeway. Additionally, Safeway employees donated funds to the class project and provided the class with a discount when purchasing the meals. The students received monetary donations from other supporters, held a fundraiser at Round Table Pizza, and conducted raffles and bake sales.

December 16, 2013