CSU, Chico

College of Ag Hosts FFA Regional Officer Training

College of Ag Hosts FFA Regional Officer Training

On Feb. 2, the California State University, Chico College of Agriculture hosted 34 high school FFA students to undergo training for the FFA Superior Regional Officer elections. The FFA students who attended received training on interviewing strategies, making good first impressions, and how to set themselves apart from other candidates.

 "Our hope is that we can help these students be successful by adding to their confidence by giving them a sense of how the whole interviewing process flows," said agricultural education professor Brad Dodson.

All training was conducted by 22 College of Agriculture students, allowing each officer candidate one-on-one time with a trainer. The afternoon started with four workshops on interviewing tactics put on by past FFA state and regional officers. After the workshops, the FFA members went through mock interviews. At the conclusion of the mock interviews, the students received feedback on potential areas for improvement. 

The actual Superior Region officer selection process will take place on Thursday, Feb. 7 at the University Farm on Hegan Lane. "We expect that we will have far more applicants than we actually have attending the training session," stated Dr. Dodson. The applicants will go through an interview process conducted by a panel of the current retiring regional officers, a student teacher, Dr. Dodson and Superior Region FFA Advisor Jeanette Lowe.

February 8, 2013