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Students Enter Meat Expo University Cook-off

Students Enter Meat Expo University Cook-off

California State University, Chico College of Agriculture students Kyle Daley, Taylor Hagata, Jaime Salyer and Steven Tunzi competed in the University Student Cook-off at the National Meat Association, Meat Exposition in Las Vegas, Nev. Feb. 13-16.

The University Student Cook-off only allowed eight university teams to compete. CSU, Chico was one of the first eight qualifying entries, giving them the opportunity to compete against  Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Fresno State, San Angelo State University, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, UC Davis and University of Idaho, Moscow.  

The CSU, Chico team’s raspberry Thai flat iron steak recipe was created by the student team. “We went to the store and everyone have a chance to buy ingredients that they thought would create a tasty sauce,” said team member Taylor Hagata, “Everyone made whatever they wanted until we had a few that we really liked. Then we voted on the one we liked the best to enter in the cook-off.”

CSU, Chico Meats Lab technician Randy Long said, “The team had an excellent product that received many positive comments. They also did a great job representing CSU, Chico at a national competition.”

Patrick Doyle, animal science associate professor and CSU, Chico Meats Lab faculty supervisor said, “Along with having the opportunity to be in the University Cook-off, the students got to participate in the open forums on current issues facing the meat industry from a food safety to industry perspective and meet with allied industry.”

Although only the first-place team was announced, Long said, “By the compliments we received, I am confident that we placed in the top three.”