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Irrigation Training Facility

Irrigation Training Facility

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The Irrigation Training Facility (ITF) can be configured to demonstrate a wide variety of flow control and water measurements methods without having to travel to field sites.  Water can be provided to the demonstration facilities at flows from 0-4 cubic feet per second (cfs) with channel water velocities from 0-1.5 f/s.  Structures can be configured to demonstrate the effect on water measurement of less than ideal conditions.  The ITF (location map) includes:

Water Measurement Facilities and Equipment:

  • Turbine pressure pump
  • Turbine lift pump with VFD
  • Centrifugal pump
  • Magnetic Flow Meter
  • Propeller Flow Meter
  • Replogel Flume
  • Meter Gate (on turn out)
  • Cipolotti, Rectangular, and "V" weirs
  • ITRC weir sticks
  • Collins tube flow meter
  • Global Water velocity meter
  • GE Panametrics PT0878 portable transit time flow meter for pipe line flow measurement and logging . 2"-48" diameter pipe.
  • Sontek flow tracker portable Doppler acoustic flow meter for open channel flow measurement.
  • Sontek flow tracker fixed Doppler acoustic flow meter for open channel flow measurement.
  • Mace open channel acoustic flow meter and data logger
  • Mace pipeline acoustic flow meter and data logger (on turnout)
  • Aquafina flow meter for open channel flow measurement
  • Digital power meters with Kw display (for measuring power consumption)
  • 10" turnout
  • Undershot gate
  • Board weir

ITF Photo

Irrigation Training Facility

ITF Photo 

Meter Gate and Mace Meter on Demonstration Turnout
(Donated LOPAC gate in the background)

  Canal Level Control Facilities:

  • Long Crested Weir
  • Undershot Gate
  • LoPac Gate
  • Cal Poly Gate
  • Weir boards

Vertical Propeller Flow Meter Test Stand:

Capability of checking accuracy of vertical propeller flow meters ranging in size from 4" to 12". Please note that this is only a check, not a calibration of the vertical flow meters. Accuracy can be compared with a Siemens Transit time flow meter capable of 1% accuracy. The only thing you need to provide is the vertical flow meter. Flow range 0-4 cfs.  Note:  Capability exists to test horizontal meters if the appropriate pipe section is provided by the district.  Please call Brad Laffins at (530)570-5030 to set up an appointment time.

Data Acquisition Equipment and Other Equipment:

  • Amprobe DM-II Datalogger / Recorder
  • Campbell CR-10 datalogger
  • Telog  PR-31 Level trackerwith Druck pressure sensor (0-5 psi), for water level measurement logging.
  • Laser level and rod
  • Sub-meter GPS and Data Logger
  • 8 station computer lab
  • "Smart" classroom with LCD projector.
  • Variable Frequency Drive (used for flow control on the ITF)
  • Fluke 1735 Power Logger Analyst - - used for logging and measuring three phase power for up to 30 days to assist in troubleshooting power quality issues (SCADA sites).
  • EM-38 Instrument (used to measure canal leakage and soil texture).

A 55 page handbook for use by trainers has been developed that describes the ITF setup for each piece of flow measurement equipment and provides sample activities.  This manual is available to trainers, water districts, and campus faculty.

 The facility and equipment is being used to offer training to district personnel (formal classes), as a test site for use by districts to test new technologies, as a site where districts can provide conservation programs for their water users, and portable equipment can be used on district sites to further their conservation goals.  The facility is also used by students as part of the irrigation curriculum offered at Chico State.