Melanie Beasley
Photo of Mealnie Beasley


Degrees Held:
   - B.S. in Anthropology from UC Davis
   - M.A. in Anthropology from CSU, Chico

Research Interests:
   - Stable Isotope Analysis of Human Remains
   - Forensic Anthropology
   - Bioarchaeology
   - Subsitence Patterns
   - Archaeology

Since 1999, I have worked on archaeological projects throughout California, as well as participated in field schools in China and Peru. Most recently I was involved in the burial analysis of individuals from the first State Mental Hospital in Stockton, Ca. I worked for two years as an intern in the Yolo County Coroners Office and during my time at Chico I participated on case work conducted through the Human ID Lab. Currently I am running the new Stable Isotope Prep Lab (SIPL) under the direction of Dr. Eric Bartelink. Our prep lab focuses on preparing bone collagen and apatite for stable isotope analysis to determine the diet of an individual or population

   -Society for California Archaeology
   - Society for American Archaeology