Connor BuitenhuysConnor Buitenhuys


Degrees Held:
   - B.A. in Anthropology from University of California, San Diego

Research Interests:
   - California prehistoric and historic archaeology
   - Culture contact
   - Colonialism

Work Experiences: I've worked on field projects including the excavation of a Bronze Age roundhouse in Ireland, and an early Iron Age copper settlement in Jordan. After the Edom Lowlands Regional Archaeological Project I worked in the Levantine Archaeology Laboratory researching the applications and methods of 3D terrestrial LiDAR. I also spent a year as a collections management intern at the San Diego Archaeological Center located in Escondido. Recently, I have also worked for the Forest Service and Statistical Research, Inc. as an archaeological field technician. Currently, I am a student intern working on cultural resource projects under the auspices of the Archaeological Research Program at CSU Chico.

                Levy, T. E., Petrovic, V., Wypch, T., Gidding, A., Knabb, K., Hernandez, D., Smith, N. G., Schulz, J. P., Savage, S. H., Kuester, F., Ben-Yosef, E., Buitenhuys, C., Barrett, C. J., and DeFanti, T., 2010. On-Site Digital Archaeology 3.0 and Cyber-Archaeology: Into the Future of the Past - New Developments, Delivery and the Creation of a Data Avalanche. in: Forte, M. (Ed.), Cyber-Archaeology Today.

                UCSD Undergraduate Research Conference presenting: 3d Laser Scanning: It’s Methods and Contributions for Archaeology