Karen Smith Gardner

Email: karensmithgardner@gmail.com

Degree Held:
   - B.A. in Anthropology, UC Santa Cruz

Research Interests:
   - Andean Archaeology
   - Stable Isotope Analysis
   - Physical Anthropology
   - Mummy Studies
   - Bioarchaeology
  - Forensic Identification
   -Native American Economics and Exchange
   - Indigenous Rights Movements
   - Medical Anthropology and Cross-Cultural Medicine
   - Peruvian Textiles
   - Ethics in Anthropology

- Anthropology Graduate Student Association
- American Anthropological Association
- American Association of Physical Anthropologists
- Society for American Archaeology
- Society for California Archaeology
- Paleopathology Association

Karen is currently teaching Anthropology at as Positas College in Livermore California.