Maija Glasier-Lawson
Maija Glasier-Lawson


Degree Held:
   - B.A. in Anthropology, University of West Florida
         -Emphasis in Archaeology

  Research Interests:
   - Culture Contact Studies
   - Public Archaeology and Education
   - GIS
   - Visual Anthropology

    - CSU, Chico Ecological Reserve:
            - Outdoor Education Program: Intern Coordinator
            - "Archaeological Explorers" Module Developer and Leader

 Current Projects
California Indian Voices (Film)
   - Archaeology and Environmental Education (Poster and in Progress)

   - CSU, Chico Anthropology Graduate Student Association: Cultural Chair
   - CSU, Chico Council of Graduate Students: Event Coordinator
   - Society for American Archaeology
   - Society for California Archaeology
   - 2011 California Indian Conferenc: Graduate Coordinator