Chico Young Alumni Network

The Chico Young Alumni Network seeks to provide recent alumni with opportunities to build professional relationships and strengthen ties with fellow alumni. Join our Facebook group!

For more information on how you can become part of the Young Alumni Network, please contact Kaitlin Tillett.

Upcoming Events:

Feb. 18 - Basic Finance: 'Mo Money, 'Mo Problems!

Feb. 25 - Find Your Personal Style: Who's Who in the Zoo?

Mar. 3 - Budgeting Basics

Mar. 10 - Cooking Healthy Meals:Beyong the Microwave!

Mar. 24 - Managing Credit: Life Has No Limit, but Credit Does!

Mar. 29 - Negotiating Large Life Purchases: Let's Make a Deal!
Featuring alum Michael Finney from ABD News "7 on your Side"

April 14 - Leveraging the Alumni Network in Your Job Search: Squad Goals!

April 21 - Managing Your Money After Graduation: New Job, Student Loans, No Problem!

Chico Young Alumni Network Board

Maxwell Erwin, '13, Board Member

Chris Haley, '14, Board Member

Maricela Reyes, '12, Board Member

Danie Schwartz, '09, Board Member

Nick Spangler, '04, Board Member


What is the Young Alumni Network?

The Young Alumni Network (YAN) was established in 2014 to keep alumni connected, engaged, and involved in their first 10 years after graduation. The YAN, along with The Chico State Alumni Association, sponsors programs and events that foster interactions and professional development among recent graduates in the Chico area.

Who is considered a young alumnus/alumna?

The YAN defines this as any person who has graduated from CSU, Chico within the past ten.  The events and activities are developed to engage this demographic, however there is no age restriction on participation.

Can my friends join me at Young Alumni events even if they did not graduate from CSU, Chico?

Of course! Guests are always welcome at events.

How do I get more involved in a leadership role within the Young Alumni Network?

The Young Alumni Network board meets once monthly. Please contact the Alumni Engagement Coordinator to find out how to get more involved.