Join the Board!

CSU, Chico Alumni Association

**Deadline Extended to January 15**

Click here for the Board Nomination application (Note - this form does not work on a mobile device). Board nominations are due to the alumni office no later than January 15, 2015. The board slate will be chosen by the nominating committee and board elections are held in January 2015. New board terms start February 1, 2015. Newly elected board members will be expected to attend the board retreat on March 21-22, 2015. Questions? Contact Susan Anderson at 530-898-6472 or


TERM:  Three years if elected by the Board, (or in the case of filling a vacancy, the remainder of the term being filled). One time renewal.

STRUCTURE: The board should have a membership that includes diversity in the areas of age, year of graduation or attendance, ethnicity, gender, geography, and extracurricular activities.



  1. Participate in the development of goals and objectives for the CSU, Chico Alumni Association.
  2. Adopt the Association’s annual plan and approve any changes to plan.
  3. Establish policies of CSU, Chico Alumni Association.
  4. Participate in strategic planning process.


  1. Approve annual budget and monitor financial management.
  2. Approve special funding projects.
  3. Approve new projects and programs.
  4. Establish financial policy for contracts with outside vendors.


  1. Participate in evaluation of CSU, Chico Director of Alumni & Parent Relations by providing input to Alumni Association president.
  2. Agree to the terms of the Chico State – Alumni Association Memorandum of Understanding.


  1. Elect officers and nominate candidates to fill vacancies on the Board.
  2. Amend bylaws of the organization, as required.

Specific Responsibilities of a Board Member

  1. Attend all regular and special meetings of the board.* 
  2. Attend committee meetings as scheduled.*
  3. Attend board retreats as scheduled. 
  4. Attend university events such as the Distinguished Alumni Dinner and Chico Experience Week 

*Note, while attendance in person is desired, attendance via telephone or electronically is acceptable.

General Responsibilities of a Board Member

  1. Provide leadership and/or discussion in Board deliberations.
  2. Be conversant about the Alumni Association and the university.
  3. Be in a position to support Alumni Association policy or positions in informal settings, if necessary.
  4. Effectively communicate the association’s success and programs to alumni, current students, the University, and the community.
  5. Be politically aware in regard to university and association issues.
  6. Actively engage in Association fundraising.


  1. Representation of "official Alumni Association" only as authorized by Board of Directors.
  2. No Director is authorized to commit Association without specific Board authorization and staff knowledge.
  3. Directors should not interpret Association policy in self interest or use position for personal gain.
  4. No Director can legally obligate Association.
  5. Directors should not usurp authority of executive or staff.
  6. Participate in the development of goals and objectives for the CSU, Chico Alumni Association.

Click here for the Board Nomination application.