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Board of Directors

ANCHR Bylaws call for 11 total members of the Board including: seven members at large and four officers, all to be elected in staggered two year terms from the time of their election at the end of the annual meeting, for two years ending at the annual meeting.

Board Members Elected for 2012-14: (Term expires 1 Nov 2014)
1. Steve Schoonover, Current continuing member
2. Jim Jessee, Continuing member
3. Ramona Flynn, Continuing member
4. Kevin Brennan, Continuing member
5. Jim Holt, New Nominee Elected
6. VACANT, Nominee Needed

Board Members Continuing for 2011-2013: (Term expires 2 Nov 2013)
1. Dave Brown, Continuing member
2. Brian Harvey, Continuing member
3. Rian Farley, Continuing member
4. Ron Womack, Continuing member
5. Vacant, Nominee needed
Volunteers for vacant positions are welcome.

Officers Elected for 2013: (Terms expire 2 Nov 2013)
President: Jim Jessee
Vice-President: Brian Harvey
Treasurer: Dave Brown
Secretary: Rian Farley

Membership Secretary & Mail Pick-Up: Dave Brown
Email, Newsletter & Publications: Jim Jessee
Web Editor: Kelly King
Publication Sales: Kevin Brennan
Meriam Library Special Collections Liaison: George Thompson