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ANCHR is pleased to feature three of our latest publications for 2014: Tales From Ishi Country, edited by Gene Serr (cover below); What’s In The Woods, by Bill Dennison and Clifford “Blackie” Gilbert; and The Miner Poet: Poems of Pres Longley, edited by John Rudderow and Nancy Leek.

Tales From a Long Life edited by Gene Serr Tales From Ishi Country is not primarily about Ishi himself, or his people, the Yahi, but about his homeland, called Ishi Country, and what has happened there over the years since the Yahi disappeared.

The heart of Ishi Country is the Mill and Deer Creek drainages, but since it is believed that the Yahi traveled well beyond these drainages for trade, and sometimes for raids, Ishi Country is defined much more broadly. It is considered here to include all of the foothill country between Highway 36E on the north and the Tehama County line on the south. The eastern boundary should be considered the Childs Meadows- Deer Creek Meadows area, although the accompanying map does not extend that far. It is believed that the Yahi did travel south into Butte County on occasion to a limited extent. Ishi's lonely final trek as far south as Oroville was definitely unusual.

This book consists of a collection of articles about Ishi Country, partly new material and partly reprints of articles from the Memories of the Tehama County Genealogical and Historical Society, published since 1983. It is divided into four parts: "Indian Tales"; "Trail Tales"; "Lumbering, Flume, and Related Tales"; and "More Tales."

"Trail Tales" includes articles related to the Lassen Trail, the Old Emigrant Road over Morgan Summit, sheep and cattle trails, and the trail along Mill Creek. "Lumbering and Flume Tales" is the longest part since the lumbering history of Ishi Country is extensive and is still going on. "More Tales" is a catch-all section that includes articles that didn't seem to fit elsewhere. The subjects there vary from the Belle Mill Cemetery to the several past hydropower proposals for the area, none of which materialized.

The book is rich with stories,maps, charts, modern color and historical photos.

Tales of Ishi Country
Edited by Gene Serr, 20112, 102 pp.
ISBN 978-1-931994-23-1
Price $21.00

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