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The following have been published by ANCHR over the years since our founding in 1971. All publications are available in Special Collections, Meriam Library, CSU, Chico. Download ANCHR's Book and Publications List with Order Form 2014 (pdf) to view the entire collections.

Featured Books and Publications:

What’s In The Woods, by Bill Dennison and Clifford “Blackie” Gilbert

In Search of Captain Warner Chico Enterprise Record on August 20, 2013 reported that What’s In The Woods? “Gives a sense of feeling about what actually happened.” Feather River Publishing (Quincy, Chester, Susanville and Portola) said “The book describes logging from kids’ views.” Those were two of the goals the authors were seeking in the development of the book. In addition, it was a passion of Dennison and Gilbert that What’s In The Woods? preserve the significant role that The Diamond Match Company played in the early development of logging and sawmilling. It does that very well “The Kids,” six individuals (including the authors) were raised in the rustic logging camps.

Interviews by Dennison and over 140 documented old photos provide interesting and educational reading for all ages. By pretending to look through the eyes of The Kids (current ages 79 to 93), readers sill see actual camp life and logging activities-work, recreation, communication, injury and death.

The book can be purchased by sending a $40 check payable to BMJCA, 20 Lakewood Way, Chico, CA 95926 or call 530-258-1489.

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