Exploring the Roots of Violence - a Peace Institute Workshop

The Peace Institute at California State University, Chico, presents “Exploring the Roots of Violence,” a workshop in two 90 minute segments---can be attended independently.
Tuesday, September 3, in Selvester's by the Creek, room 100.
Segment one: “Building Community” is a workshop designed to explore the dynamics of communities, and runs from 1:30PM to 3PM.
Segment two: “Understanding Privilege” is a workshop designed to explore the unacknowledged privileges people enjoy, and runs from 3PM to 4:30PM.
The “Exploring the Roots of Violence” workshop puts participants through a transformative process, introducing concepts that plant seeds of awareness of who we each are, and of how we relate to others in our culture and society. The workshop illuminates awareness of the pervasive nature of violence in today's society through an understanding of how violence is learned, and of the social implications of power imbalances.
This program is presented by Diane Suzuki, a founding member of the Beyond Violence Alliance here in Chico.
This workshop is free and open to the public.
For additional workshop information contact:
Tom Imhoff, Philosophy Department at <timhoff@csuchico.edu>  or
Diane Suzuki, Beyond Violence Alliance Coordinator at <dreamforpeace@hotmail.com>